Opening day! Where hope springs eternal, even for Cubs fans! I wanted to wait until actual MLB Opening Day next week to debut Cardhound Vintage, but I’m just too excited. This is a project a long time in the making for this 40-year collector. Welcome! Please browse the site and consider joining–there are both free and paid membership tiers available. There’s also plenty to enjoy without a membership.

What is Cardhound Vintage?

I decided to start Cardhound Vintage after years and countless hours of volunteer labor administering vintage groups of all sizes on Facebook (including but not limited to the largest vintage baseball card group with over 50k members). I wanted to craft a resource that builds on the strengths of various hobby sites I frequent, while avoiding as many of the negatives as possible. Cardhound Vintage aims to be your “home page” for vintage sports card collecting. The site features an intuitive Forum; insightful articles and feature stories; hobby news; answers to all of the most common vintage collecting FAQ; and a clean classified listing feature.

Our hope is that whether you are brand new to collecting vintage sports cards, or a seasoned hobby vet, you will find your place on Cardhound. Post a general collecting question in the Forum, or find business partners in the Gold Club Networking forum. Find some commons to fill out your set, or pull off a landmark trade. Browse the Classifieds, where all sellers are Gold Club members. Read the FAQ articles to get up to speed on hobby basics, or write an article for Cardhound to share your expertise and promote yourself.

Collector’s Club Membership Options (Free and Paid)

Everyone has access to the articles section–please read, share, comment, and consider writing a feature. Contact us with ideas! Also, anyone can view the Classifieds and contact sellers to buy cards.

The Basic membership provides access to the Basic Forums–ask questions, join or start conversations, teach, learn, and network with some of the best folks in the hobby! Basic memberships can also view Classifieds but cannot list items for sale.

But please consider going all in on The Gold membership (with the tiny price tag of just $20 for a full year!). The Gold membership consists of the following:

  • Full Forum access, including exclusive Gold forums for networking and insider buy-sell-trade.
  • Full access to the Classifieds (listing / selling side), with no fees
  • Eligibility for giveaways, sponsor promotions, and drawings (we will be drawing for a $50 gift card to Boca Card Subs once we hit 100 paid members!).
  • Reduced rate advertising (if you happen to own a hobby business)
  • Good mojo for helping to support this project!

This site isn’t cheap: it is a thoughtful, professional build running top-shelf software and the latest greatest safety protocols on a fast server. Your support is greatly appreciated.

How to Help

Obviously, it will take a while to get this ball rolling. Please be patient–but also, please do your part to help build this community. Here are some things you can do on your “Opening Day” to help grow Cardhound Vintage into the resource I know it can be:

  1. Join!
  2. Once you are in, post in the Forum (there is a New Members Introductions forum all ready for you).
  3. If you are a Gold member, try listing a card in the Classified.
  4. Read a few of the articles currently available, and share your favorite on social media.
  5. Invite your hobby friends! The sooner we can grow to just 1,000 members (of any type), we can build and sustain a vibrant Forum community–and that’s the heart of the mission.

You can reach me at with suggestions, feedback, questions, or to inquire about writing for or advertising with Cardhound Vintage.