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Whether you’re just starting out or looking to elevate your collecting game, the Cardhound Vintage Collector’s Club is your gateway to a world of passion, knowledge, and exclusive perks. Choose your path and become part of the next great hobby resource. Whether Basic or Gold, welcome to the Club!

Collector’s Club Basic

Start your journey for free! Gain access to our basic forum where you can  engage in discussions and immerse yourself in the world of card collecting. You can also browse our Classifieds, where our Gold-level members will be posting their offerings. It’s the perfect launching pad for new enthusiasts eager to learn and connect.

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Collector’s Club Gold

Elevate your experience with our Gold membership for just $20 annually. Not only do you gain all the benefits of the Basic tier, but you also unlock access to our exclusive Gold forums, including the Networking forum, insider Buy/Sell/Trade, and Gold member giveaways and sponsor promotions. You also unlock the ability to post your own Classifieds. It’s your VIP pass to premium content and features.

√ Access to Gold Forum
√ Access to Basic Forum
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