Cardhound Vintage was founded with the intent of helping all vintage sports card collectors, whether brand new or expert, connect to and engage with the hobby. Whether you need to learn the most basic hobby terminology or are looking for the last few cards in a rare set, the Cardhound community can help. Cardhound features collector stories, informative articles, basic and advanced how-to’s and more all written by collectors, for collectors. 

Cardhound Founder Matt Felumlee is a 40+ year collector with an extensive background administering and growing vintage groups on Facebook. Cardhound was formed in part to fill some voids that exist on social media platforms: it’s easy to start a conversation on Facebook, but it’s not easy to sustain, search, or archive. It’s easy to post your opinion on Facebook, but longer feature articles deserve a home outside of that platform as well. The Collector’s Club is intended to help people Connect in ways that also help us all grow our knowledge, our expertise, and our Collections.

Join the Collector’s Club to network with trusted hobby veterans, or seek help from a member if looking to buy or sell a card or an entire collection. The Club features access to a user-friendly Forum and an attractive Classified tool—no more fighting with the limitations of clunky Forums for listing cards for sale. We hope Cardhound Vintage can be your new collecting home.