In the wake of SGC being acquired by PSA parent company Collectors, which was announced at the end of February 2024, SGC President Peter Steinberg talked up the new relationship as a way to “continue to improve SGC’s products and services that collectors have come to love.” But no specific immediate changes were announced.

So, let’s brainstorm! What changes, enhancements, improvements, or innovations would you like to see at SGC, sooner than later?

Drop your ideas in the comments and I will forward to SGC. I’m sure they will appreciate this unauthorized survey and our collective unsolicited opinions!

Then we can revisit this thread in 6 months and see if any of our ideas come to life.

I have a zillion ideas and if you are an SGC customer I’m sure you do too. Here are just a few of my wish-list items, in no particular order.

1. A Set Registry

This is the innovation that SGC vintage loyalists have been asking for for years, and it is past time to get over this hump. Just get it done already. One big offshoot of this would lead to . . .

2. Back to Basics

SGC’s wheelhouse is vintage, period. It is the only area where SGC actually competes with PSA. A set registry would bring hundreds of thousands of vintage cards through the door–eliminating the need to chase Pokemon business, which I think is a losing battle anyway.

3. More Customer Service Help

I don’t know about you, but all of my customer service questions are answered (usually swiftly!) by ONE GUY. Thanks, Brent. But I assume that customer service would be improved with more help up front. If SGC wants to grow, customer service is key–if someone’s first experience with the brand is a negative one, they aren’t likely to return. Which leads me to my final suggestion of the day . . .

4. A Real-Time Return Clock

SGC likes to talk about transparency. But any current customer knows that the current advertised “Standard 5-10 day” service is currently more like 15-20 days. That’s still speedy, but again, it’s 3-4x the short end of the estimate. As a new customer especially, would be a source of frustration. It would not be at all difficult to update the site once per day or even per week to state that “cards shipping today arrived at SGC on xx date.”

SGC Current Advertised Turn Time

I have so many more ideas . . . SGC needs a better app with price guide functions, etc. . . . but I would be happy to see these 4 implemented sooner than later.

It’s Your Turn!

Drop your suggestions below into the virtual Comment Box, and I’ll deliver them to SGC! And if you like chatting vintage–and free stuff and promos and great vintage blog and article content–please Join Cardhound today!