I asked a Facebook vintage group for vintage card display ideas, and members did not disappoint. Vintage cards and memorabilia are works of art, and should be seen and appreciated. If you are looking for display ideas, browse the gallery below!

Planning Your Display

Personally, I have more of a “man closet” going on. I do hope to someday graduate to a full-on man cave, but the main floor closet addresses 2 concerns: UV and moisture.

Admittedly, I’m a bit paranoid about light / UV damage (a topic I’ve written about here). Thus, I tend to rotate cards in and out of a display area that gets only indirect light. Further, the “closet” idea allows for shielding from daytime light. I also avoid the basement, out of fear of moisture issues. Like I said, kinda paranoid. Fortunately, not all collectors share my OCD.

Fortunately, most hobby suppliers now make UV-resistant holders and cases for everything from cards to helmets. Full disclosure: Cardhound has an affiliate agreement with BCW–see the code in the ad for a discount!

Other Considerations

Besides possible UV exposure (also, only use LED’s please) and moisture concerns (use a dehumidifier in the basement–OK, I’m done being bossy now), some other considerations include:

  • Budget: You can spend thousands of dollars on a high-quality display, but you can also make something really cool and interesting for almost nothing. I spent about $200 on aluminum shelves made by a pal, some paint, and some picture frames. I had scrap wood around that I used to make a small shelf in my closet.  (My humble display is the first one pictured).
  • Homemade or Store Bought: Making cases and shelves can be fun, or you can lose a finger trying, if power tools aren’t your thing.
  • Repurpose: One benefit of reusing an old relic or repurposing a thrift store piece is that hey, your cards are old too. Reclaimed stuff can look really fitting.
  • Visual Impact: Typically I don’t have my high-dollar cards on display, instead opting for lower grade cards and other items that pop and show nicely. Photos, pennants, bats, and balls can dress up a display for not much money.
  • Safety: Is the display area accessible to your kids (and their friends) or others? From accidental damage to theft, build safety and security into the plan.

OK, Let’s See Some Awesome Displays!

The vintage card display gallery includes some really creative solutions for spaces large and small. Yes there are the requisite man caves and man closets (I’m not meaning to sound sexist–but the submissions were all from dudes). But also scope out the dressers, walls, hutches, bookcases, and curios. It’s all here, from thrifty to custom to homemade to Amazon and Ikea. (Click any image to expand)