Bear with me as I try a simple Poll plugin! (Yes, it’s ugly and bare bones–just testing functionality. We might as well have some fun with it. Cardhound has written a good bit about the art and math of choosing which cards to grade. If you are into grading at all, some cards are no-brainers: Ruth, “Always Grade Mantle,” etc. And if you are opposed to the entire endeavor, then this poll isn’t for you!

I’m not a big-time dealer, and I’m usually grading for PC. That’s an easy thought process: “Would I prefer this card to be graded and encapsulated?”

But I do sometimes try to grade for profit, and some lower-end cards I would never grade for PC purposes are worth it for resale purposes. Though I am often surprised at how often people seem to “overpay” for clean, raw cards.

Now, these cards are in plastic, fronts only, so this isn’t really a “what would this grade?” poll. Though, there are no hidden defects, and there are no disqualifying backs (no stains, loss, miscuts, etc.).

I won’t share too many of my own thoughts, but I’m curious about yours. A couple of these are just good-looking dead-centered cards. At least one is centered well in comparison to 99% of other examples (notoriously tough card). There’s a SP / high number in the mix and that plays in.

Try clicking some boxes for me, and we’ll see if this works. If you want to share any login / thinking behind your opinions, drop them in the comments! I will grade the top 2 vote-getters and report back in a couple weeks!

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Which Cards to Grade?