In May 2024, PSA unveiled new holders and now, they have announced a new feature: Grader Notes. Say what you want about PSA, but they do not appear to be resting on their laurels.

Grader Notes

First things first: the newer announcement is Grader Notes. This feature is available on submission at Express level or higher. Reholders and autos are ineligible regardless. But expect the service to expand to lower tiers if possible. I would guess there will be . . . a fee attached at some point. PSA says “see what we see” and describes the service this way:

“For all the flaws that can foil a PSA 10 outcome, Grader Notes are ready to show and tell from the moment that grades are revealed. Card by card, submitters can navigate primary categories (like corners, edges, surface, and centering) to see applicable defects annotated in greater detail by the card’s grader.”

A video version of the announcement can be seen here.

The example provided (below) is nothing fancy and strikes me as very simplistic. I would expect more precision (such as exact centering, determined by software etc.). Here’s the example:

  • Corners: Bend, Top Left

  • Edges: Fraying, Center Right.

  • Surface: Discoloration, Front, Top Half

  • Centering: Back, Top-to-Bottom

UV-Safe Holders

I thought the new holder announcement was interesting because I cannot recall any grading company specifically mentioning UV protection. If interested in learning more about the importance of UV protection, please refer to an article I wrote about UV and safe card storage. In that earlier announcement PSA touted their holder as best-in-class via the following features:

  • Medical-grade plastic composition—an industry first.

  • 20% heavier with identical exterior dimensions.

  • Ultra impermeable to heat, humidity, water, and UV light.

  • Extra protective against micro-scratches and surface scuffs.

  • No mylar, no movement, no unwanted Newton Ring illusions.

How Will The Industry Respond?

PSA isn’t the first to provide grader notes, but they are now obviously the largest to do so. How will SGC and others respond? Together, the updated (and upgraded) holders and the Grader Notes are setting a new bar from the industry leader. SGC could use a game-changing announcement sooner than later. (Set registry please!)