Well-known vintage dealer Ashsh Jai of Cardhound advertiser Legacy Cardz had approximately $2 million dollars of cards stolen during the Dallas show over the weekend. Photos and video have made the rounds across the internet but this is still unsolved, and Ash is asking for additional help, so I am trying to spread the word here as well.

Any posting or sharing of this story is appreciated.

At this time a definitive list of cards stolen has not been shared. But Ashsh stated that “most of the cards” pictured below were taken. There is a list of inventory with cert numbers here, but not every card on this list is stolen. I will update the exact inventory if provided.

You can contact Cardhound with any leads or you can also message Ashsh on Facebook or contact the Allen Police Department at (214) 509-4321 with any strong leads.

If nothing else, please be on the lookout for any new listings of high profile cards and cross reference them against these photos and numbers.